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You have to start somewhere!

July 17, 2012

From today we are trying not to shop in supermarkets any more! Initially our aim is for one month.  Ideally we would do this on a permanent basis.

When I told one of my best friends that I was going to try and avoid supermarkets her comment was “well that won’t be tough on you – you’ve always hated supermarkets!”.  As I have known her for over 35 years I felt quite proud of the fact and that this isn’t just a fad that I’m going through.  However, as a busy working mum I had to use supermarkets and I do appreciate that I now have the luxury of more time and the support of a husband who is also keen on supporting local, regional or at least British suppliers.

I first moved to Macclesfield in 1976 and at that time I don’t think we even had a large supermarket in the town.  I remember buying meat from Marshall Spearing in the Market Square, fruit and vegetables from a shop on Mill Street, bread from the bakers and most other supplies from a small Co-op shop at Broken Cross.

I remember a colleague who had moved up from the South being thrilled when he heard that Sainsburys were opening a store in the town.  He said they had really missed it and so we all began to gravitate away from the small shops.

I have to admit a little panic about the household goods – toilet rolls, soap powder, dishwasher tablets etc so as part of our longer term plan we may use a small Lidl near our holiday home in Devon for that type of item.

So first steps have been a supply of local fresh produce and dairy products delivered each week from Northern Harvest (


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