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I think I’ll need a notebook!

July 18, 2012

When you begin to look at the local shops – independent or otherwise – it is surprising what a wide range of products is available.

One problem is they are often high end, high priced versions of something that can be bought much cheaper in an “own brand” form.  I am normally a very savvy shopper and would stock up when things are on offer but that also means that under the bright lights and bustle of a supermarket I begin to randomly drop items into my trolley that are definitely not on my list of must haves.

I am hoping that by being organised and doing some research and note taking I will be able to find the best available and that what I lose on one thing I may gain on another cost wise and totally gain quality wise.

Today an example of this was Self Raising Flour.   Previously bought in Sainsburys for 90p for 1.5kg I headed for Macclesfield Indoor Market where I’d seen Wessex Mill flour on sale.  I was horrified to see it was priced at £3.99 – no I couldn’t pay that much when I get through so much – this is a staple in my kitchen being a home baker.  I went across to Julian Graves – not an independent I know but announced last week as to be in administration I am still supporting it as we really don’t want another empty store in the town centre.  They also had a sale day on so I was able to get Doves Farm Organic SR flour at half price of 75p.  Also got dried cranberries, cashew nuts and honey for Granola making session.

Checked on line price of Wessex Mill flour £1.60 – did I read it wrong?  Will be double checking and asking the question when next in town!

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