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July 20, 2012

Going to the supermarket has become habit – and I do accept that some people will have little alternative.  Have we left it too long to start trying to get people to return to buying more locally?  So many small shops closed down but in a lot of areas independents are trying to regain a foothold – either through local and/farmers markets or in small shops.

The problem with markets is some areas are being over supplied – how many cup cakes do people want?  Most families would still not go and pay a couple of pounds per bun however delightful they appear.  Home made crafts are no more popular then 30 ago – although bunting seemed to sell well in the run up to the Jubilee!

The best local suppliers seem to be meat, vegetables and bread.  Bread from a local bakery is so much nicer than supermarket bread.  Our butcher can provide the provenance of his  supply – and we have shopped there for years not just because of not using supermarkets. In fact it’s displayed on a blackboard in the shop so no need to even ask.

Vegetables are obviously seasonal and in preparation for the fact we hope to do this for not just a month but for as long as we can I am freezing broad beans while they are in plentiful supply.

Today I couldn’t buy baking powder anywhere in Macclesfield town centre.  Julian Graves used to have it but they are not re-stocking due to being in administration so the shelves were nearly bare.

I would normally look at a recipe, buy any additional ingredients and make the meal.  As I get into this I am looking at the ingredients I have, then looking at the recipes and using what I have been able to buy.

So tonights supper is Frittata as we have plenty of new potatoes and veg.  Based on River Cottage Veg Frittata.


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