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Making bread without a safety net!

October 2, 2012

I was so pleased that the loaf (well loaves but one was left for Food4Macc) I made at Bread Club was so nice! Perhaps it was using fresh yeast for the first time but the chemistry just worked. It was also very encouraging that Ruth and Yvonne were so kind and calm and confident that it would work.
So while I’m on a roll off I went to Day’s on Pickford Street for a large plastic bowl like we used in Club ~ OK I have numerous bowls already but it was so easy to move about etc I decided it was a must have! He wasn’t surprised when I told him why I was buying it and said another lady had been in already yesterday afternoon so there are none left and he now has some more on order.
I also got fresh yeast and already have the lovely stoneground flour from Walk Mill that I bought from Club so all set.
On the way home we called to see my lovely daughter in law up to the elbows in paint at their new house as they wanted me to take the last of the rhubarb from their garden and use it up. I don’t think they will want it at all when they start work on the garden so we will probably dig it up when it is dormant and plant at home.
While the bread was on it’s final rise before baking I prepped tonight’s supper which is Red lentil and Vegetable Biriyani.
Glad to say Bread Club recipe worked at home so have a loaf for the bread bin and one for the freezer!


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