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Double helping of Great British Bake Off!

October 3, 2012

We enjoyed Great British Bake Off last night ~ especially as I’ve attempted Gingerbread Houses on a number of occasions. Some with success and some that went straight in the bin!

So it was no problem to me this afternoon when I called at my daughter’s and she wanted to catch up on last night’s episode before she found out the results on Twitter!

When I got home I decided to give the Nigellissima biscotti recipe a try before I made my usual shortbread and a cake for the tin as the huge Gingerbread cake I made at weekend has disappeared. It does mean I’ve used the last of the pistachio nuts so that’s another item on my shopping list that I don’t know where to buy without entering a supermarket.

My list will be going with me up to friends in Yorkshire and down to Sidmouth soon as I know where I can get everything there.


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