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October 11, 2012

Having a lazy morning house sitting at my son’s house waiting for their new bathroom to be delivered. My lovely daughter in law is an expert at sourcing their DIY items at the best prices online but of course they both work long hours so delivery can sometimes be a problem.

I’m taking the opportunity to read some of my new recipe books and continue my quest for buying fresh, local and seasonal produce. This also means making a supermarket list for the necessary once a month supermarket shopping trip. The run up to Christmas will mean that list being very organised.

Note to self : after visiting Unicorn Cooperative in Horlton did not need to go to a supermarket at all!

I really love planning for Christmas and have a big collection of Christmas magazines from way back – my favourite being Good Housekeeping. I used one particular edition for many years as the plan ahead Christmas dinner was so organised and my son and I would get as much as possible done on Christmas Eve. Having trained as a professional chef his knife skills made light work of all the prepping!

Times move on and we now alternate Christmas with my brother’s family. My sister in law is the best cook ever and raises the bar so high it always inspires me to try something new among the old favourites.

This year we’re hosting and the benefit of that is that when we visit them over the holidays we can ask Fel to cook her specialities as she is Malaysian her curries are to die for!

This is no cake baking day four and watching Food Channel and reading recipe books does not help!

Food 4 Macc cooking demonstration tonight so hoping to get different bread recipes.


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