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October 14, 2012

I have (quite happily it must be said) given up on my challenge. There was not a treat of any kind to offer visitors and, short of delving into my newly started Christmas cupboard and grabbing chocolates, I can’t keep it up any longer!

My parents rang to say they would call after church so I offered to make a quick lunch. Now I know they would be happy to just have a digestive biscuit (always in stock either for my grandson as a pacifier until the meal is ready or as the base to a cheesecake or mud pie) with their cup of tea for afters but there really is no excuse when I am home alone today as a DIY widow again.

My old scales

Mum’s also bringing me some quince (should the plural be quinces?) after I told her this is the first year I can remember when I haven’t received bags of fallen apples and pears from friends and family with an abundance. By chance a friend of hers had mentioned she had tried to make quince jelly without a recipe and it had failed so Mum said she would ring me as I have more cookery books than anyone she has ever known. Sure enough I found a number of recipes to pass on and in return she has sent me a bag of fruit! More than a fair swop.

So the shortbread is made in a jiffy and cooled and ready and the coconut sponge is cooling ready for a jammy filling and coconut icing topping.

Not sure what time supper will be required or for how many but I have some free range chicken portions from Northern Harvest to cook alongside my planned veggie meal in case family descend.


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