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October 19, 2012

Woke up to a beautiful morning in Yorkshire staying with our best friends. Breakfast was lovely we enjoyed bagels with scrambled egg and smoked salmon and lots of coffee.

We dropped a car off for the chaps who were going walking so they could do an A to B walk rather than a circular and then set off to Blacker Hall Farm Shop at Wakefield. There are a number of good farm shops around where they live but I was surprised they had never visited Blacker Hall before. It turned out to be a little further away than I thought but was still worth the visit.

There is a delicatessen, on site bakery and butchers which sells their own and other local meat. A well stocked wine shop is located upstairs and a lovely lady who was happy to talk to us about some of the wines without pressing us to buy. There is also a busy cafe which does special events like Steak Nights.

Outside was a fresh fish stall and market style fruit and vegetable displays.

We bought some sweet brioche style breads and local jam and marmalade for tomorrow’s breakfast. Chillies, apples and a fantastic elephant garlic.

From there we moved on to Red Brick Mill at Batley. We had a good wander around the stores and particularly the kitchen supplies (where obviously I had to buy some different Halloween cookie cutters) before stopping for a hot chocolate and then it was time to cross the car park to The Potting Shed Spa.

The Potting Shed Spa Nail area

We had a wonderful time there. The girls were really nice and the atmosphere is lovely with subdued lighting and the calm colours of the “potting shed”. It really was the best pedicure I have ever had. It would have included a head massage but being a bit precious about my hair just being done I opted for a hand and arm massage instead! We will definitely be booking in again next time I’m up to see Brenda.

We were there quite a while so it was time to set off home to Brenda’s from there.


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