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October 21, 2012

Back home in Cheshire and we need to catch up on the routine jobs that take over our lives so that we can be ready to be off to Devon again in a couple of days! You know the sort of thing; laundry, cleaning, garden etc. Thankfully we’ve had enough sunshine to dry the grass enough to cut it.

We’ve had a lovely few days in Yorkshire and I’m particularly happy that the shopping list was cleared without the need of a supermarket. We’re into the fifth week now and I really thought I might have had to give in by now! Of course all our basic food supplies came from Northern Harvest before we left home on Thursday morning so that was all ready in the fridge for our return.

However the next list is now begun ready for when we are down in Devon. I am also going to try to plan ahead for some of my Christmas needs because I know I can get the more unusual items from an independent grocers and the wonderful Darts Farm while we are there.

We will be down again a couple of times before Christmas but I am always happier when my Christmas cupboard is well stocked and ready for the holiday season!

I’ve prepped a simple spaghetti bolognese for supper with loads of vegetables in to try use everything up again so nothing is wasted – I think there’s enough prepped for two nights even with extra people to cater for tonight.


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