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October 29, 2012

I tweeted this morning that anyone who doesn’t like Monday mornings should join a Bread Club! This was retweeted by the Real Bread campaign but then afterwards I thought how lucky am I that I have the time and opportunity to do that on a Monday morning.

I worked for the same company for 33 years so believe me I’m still pinching myself that I’m in a position not to be working (other than by choice part time at a school) and to have time to help out my family and pursue my interests.

So today the recipe was for Cheese Bread and we had a really good chatty morning making our own loaves and loaves for the community orders.

Stoneground flour, cheese and sugar

Ruth and Yvonne had grated all the cheese ready for us – Mrs Bourne’s Mature Cheshire from
H S Bourne at Malpas. It’s one we have at home so a good choice for me. It’s the first time I’ve added a little sugar but that’s what the recipe said.

Ready to prove

When we get the dough to the first 30 minute proving stage we wash up and have our tea break.

Then when the loaves are in their tins ready for the final rise – which might take up to an hour – and all the clearing up is done we cover them again and take them home to bake. Hey presto! The magic has worked again and it tastes great – I think my favourite so far.

My first Cheese Loaf


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