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October 31, 2012


Well we’ve reached the end of October and I’m proud to say I’ve not been in a supermarket. I thought I’d do a summary of where we’ve shopped in the past month.

As usual we’ve had a weekly delivery from Northern Harvest when we’ve been at home.

From them we get most of our dairy products – Cheshire milk from Yew Tree Farm, Longley Farm butter and yogurts, various cheese including Delamere Dairy – eggs, fresh produce, poultry, and then all sorts of extras that come up on offer ranging from Belvoir Elderflower Presse to Suma Organic Baked Beans, Great North Pies to a boned and stuffed pheasant due in tomorrow’s order.

Pheasant Parcel

I topped up on eggs and vegetables at Rode Hall Farmers Market and first bought The Great North Pies from there too. Cheese from H S Bourne has lasted me all month.

It does sometimes astound me when you see the prices of some things – particularly cakes because I know how much they cost to make. £2.50 for a slice of cake and 12 slices from a large cake means £30 which is a good business to be in.

The vegetables I bought from there were really good so we also had a visit to the supplier at Cuttleford Farm Shop for more and also got stoneground flour there too.

Making my bread has been a big help but a couple of times I’ve had to buy extra from Don Millers when I’ve bought yeast from there too.

At the Unicorn Co-operative in Chorlton we bought dried beans, lentils, rice, nuts, squash and fruit and across the road at Barbakan Deli olives, sun-dried tomato, Parma ham and chorizo.

Up in Yorkshire I was able to buy cereals and Pepsi Max from the corner shop and again from the local shop in Sidmouth. A trip to Darts Farm before we headed back to Cheshire meant I scored a few Christmas goodies too – saffron, marzipan, chocolate, chargrilled peppers, sausages and crisps.

So November starts tomorrow and I have no apprehension about coping without a supermarket. Amongst my plans are a return trip to Prestbury Farm Shop. I was shopping there every week when my grandson was attending a group at the Village Hall but since he started pre school I haven’t been.

If you don’t use supermarkets I’d be really interested to hear where you shop.


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