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November 18, 2012

Apologies for a lack of posts but we’ve been away. We’ve had a fantastic trip to Barbados thanks to our darling daughter in law and son. We didn’t travel far most days and ate mostly in the hotel or at local restaurants but as we had a full kitchen in our suite we did try the two little local shops.

It made us think about how much we all take for granted with food shopping in the UK and how incredibly spoilt we are. There was a surprisingly minimal choice of fruit and vegetables – apparently apart from bananas, plantain, coconut and yams it is all imported. Prices are high and stock appeared limited. There is now no fresh milk as the dairy on the island has changed to processing only heat treated milk so we were glad we’d taken Coffeemate for the morning coffee.

The only thing I saw that was cheaper was sugar – and of course the Mount Gay Rum (we drank the white Bicardi style) which is made from their own home grown sugar. We all drank it and brought it back towards the Christmas supply!

Having said that the food in the restaurants was all really good and we didn’t have a bad meal. The fish was all great and the steaks were delicious – all the beef is imported from the US.

We were so good at using everything up (waste not want not) before we went that in the fridge is: a bag of lemons, some cheeses, a swede, dried yeast, butter, some more windfall apples from my Mum’s neighbour and various chutney and pickles. Of course the cupboards are stashed with all sorts.

So as the family is coming later for dinner I went down to Prestbury Farm Shop and was able to get everything I need for today. Chicken, sausages, stuffing, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, onions and eggs. Not only is there free parking in the village but even though busy Charlie and Debs take time to chat to everyone. They are now also selling bread (from Peter Herd) so that’s worth remembering if I run out of my own.

Charlie and Debs at Prestbury Farm Shop

Our return also means I’ve got to start thinking about Christmas and doing my list for the big day.


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