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November 21, 2012

We have done so well again with shopping since our return from holiday. I went to Prestbury Farm Shop on Sunday and we had to get milk from the newsagents this morning but we have managed so we can look forward to the Northern Harvest delivery tomorrow. It would sometimes be so easy to give in and nip to Sainsburys but the sense of achievement from buying local is worth the extra effort.

Disappointingly for everyone – particularly the two volunteer Bread Club leaders – there was no power at the Food Hub this morning. They had both been there ready to prep everything for over an hour and were frozen by the time we all arrived.

They had tried various options to restore power but in the end had to admit defeat and arrange for the Food 4 Macc volunteer electrician to call.

So I decided to buy some fresh yeast off them (seeing as they had bought enough for 10 of us) anyway and give the Focaccia recipe a try at home. I did try one off the internet some weeks ago but wasn’t too impressed. If this one works I’ll share the recipe!

The plan had been to have it for lunch with some soup so while the bread was rising I made Dahl Soup. This is a recipe picked up from my best friend over in Yorkshire from when she used to help out in The Bear cafe in Todmorden. Once again you can adapt it however you like with the addition of chickpeas, or sometimes people add coconut milk for a creamier finish.

Rosemary and Sea Salt Focaccia

Glad to say the recipe worked so I will post it later as we’re off out to play with our grandson now he’s home from nursery.


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