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November 24, 2012

So yesterday morning was our Northern Harvest delivery and a nice supply for the fridge again. It was looking pretty empty! Our food shopping week starts on a Thursday because of our delivery but apart from that I do find I’m cooking even more according to what I see is seasonal and available and sometimes trying things we wouldn’t have bought before.

A good example of that is pheasant and we’ve got another one again this week. OK it’s fully prepared and stuffed ready for cooking but not something I would have ever looked at in the supermarket. The winter vegetables are looking really good and we have sprouts, parsnips, carrots, potatoes, red cabbage, spinach and mushrooms so far. Also got the usual milk, butter, cheese, yogurts and a couple of the yummy Great North Pies. I keep meaning to get some away in the freezer but they never make it! We had them for supper last night.

I had to go into town today (hairdressers which I love – Mawsons) and I have just a few things on my shopping list.

I’m not worrying too much about my list as it’s Treacle Market in Macclesfield on Sunday morning and there are some things I know I can get there. We had planned to go to the Cheshire Food Festival at Chester Lakes on Saturday or Sunday but we are having our grandson for the day and sleepover so we’re going to find something Christmassy to do with him instead. He does enjoy Treacle Market though – particularly a good sausage bap! Talking of sausages the ones from Prestbury Farm Shop are really tasty and I’ll be in there over the weekend to stock up – want to find out if they are going to do little chipolata size pre Christmas!

So this afternoon as we were both free for the first time in a few weeks we finally got to see the new Bond movie Skyfall. We really enjoyed it and it is one of those films better seen on the large screen of a cinema. We went to the Odeon Trafford Centre to see it and afterwards had a walk through the mall but neither of us needed anything so it was a pretty quick stroll but nice to see the Christmas decorations.

Trafford Centre Christmas

I know some friends have been to see the film at Cinemac and it’s a great idea but I’m afraid we want a comfy seat for an epic movie and really hope we can get a fully fledged cinema back in Macclesfield in our lifetime!


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