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November 26, 2012

We have only just realised another advantage of our Not From The Supermarket lifestyle change.

That is a big reduction in waste. Not only food waste (there is no temptation to over buy) but plastic and carton type waste.

We need a smaller kitchen bin!

From this……..

Because I’ve always disliked supermarket shopping I admit I used to over buy in the hope of prolonging the time till my next visit. Two for one, three for two you name it i was drawn in! Of course the more recent publicity around the fact that these aren’t always genuine offers means more people are hopefully avoiding that trap.

Our weekly veg box comes in a returnable plastic crate and a polystyrene (again returnable) cooler box for the fridge items. Individual items are generally loose or in paper bags.

Shopping from the markets and independent shops encourages the use of a reusable shopping bag and I have these stashed in the car, my handbag and use them as much as possible. We’re not quite at the level of Nigella and Nigel who seem to get everything wrapped in grease proof or brown paper but we’re getting there!

We currently have a big 30L Brabantia bin. Thankfully it is well used and fairly old so we don’t feel too guilty to be getting rid of it for a smaller version but we just aren’t filling the bin any more.

Even after the family moved out we didn’t really notice a significant reduction in waste but in the last few months it has drastically dropped and we’re having to empty the bag when it’s only a third full because it’s been there so long!

So a new smaller bin is on it’s way!

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  1. November 28, 2012 12:08 am

    What a great blog! I am part way through My Make Do and Mend Year, buying nothing new for a year, and have been mulling over the no supermarket thing as the next logical step! In the New Year, Wiltshire Council are running a Slim your Bin campaign, which we have signed up for, and I think cutting packaging will be one of our biggest challenges. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • November 28, 2012 8:16 am

      Thank you! That sounds a great initiative. If you have a farmers market or good farm shop near you and some independent shops that is all you need! I love to sew – particularly patchwork but haven’t had much chance recently. Main thing is I hate shopping so it is certainly less stressful our way.

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