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November 29, 2012

I’m looking forward to going over to Northern Harvest for the first time soon to choose a Christmas tree and that made me think about how much they’ve grown since I first used them some years ago.

Tod and Barbara Bulmer have been growing specialist seasonal fruit and vegetables at Kenyon Hall Farm since 1979. They were selling fresh produce from their seasonal farm shop, and at Farmer’s Markets throughout the North West of England.

Northern Harvest was founded in 2002 with Ed Woolley in charge of the day to day running of the business. I first came across him at a food festival some years ago and had a veg box delivery for some time. However, we went through a period of time when we were away every weekend and we stopped having our order.

Fresh veg

Because I’ve used them before they were my first stop when I started my challenge of no supermarkets. Our order comes on a Thursday morning and we look forward to its arrival.

In addition to their home grown and home produced items they gather a wide variety of fresh foods and also speciality products not found on the high street and offer a delivery service direct to your home doorstep or even your workplace.

Northern Harvest delivers produce from over 80 other local producers. Almost every type of food you can buy from a supermarket can be now be ordered and it is almost all produced in the North West and clearly tells you if something is imported – like lemons obviously!

Breads, Cheeses, Meats, Fish, Fruit, Salad, Vegetables, Fresh Juices, Yoghurts, Milk, Pasta, Cereals, Eggs, Flowers, Herbs, Pickles, Pates, Preserves, Soups… and more.

Unlike some other purely veg box deliveries you don’t have to have a set box. Their website gives the opportunity to choose whatever you like.

I was talking to another member of Bread Club this morning and she said she stopped her delivery for just that reason. They don’t eat beetroot, sprouts or cabbage and she was wasting produce – not ideal!

I also like the fact I can get Cheshire milk, butter and everything else that is supporting local producers.

It also gives us the opportunity to try different things – like the pheasant we are currently so fond of!

Pheasant ready for the oven

So I would recommend them wholeheartedly – we started with a selection box which was a great introduction – there are a few to choose from!


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