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CHRISTMAS – not from the Supermarket (updated)!

December 13, 2012

Coping with Christmas without a supermarket would have sounded daunting this time last year but we have learnt so much about sourcing and buying our food recently that we are quite prepared.



The big items are no problem at all. Living in Macclesfield we have a number of great butchers and farm shops who can supply good quality turkey, meat and game – although it is a good idea to get your order in early.

We’ve ordered turkey, gammon, pheasant and sausages and bacon too. We may have to queue on collection day as we have for the past few years but even in snow or rain the mood is always fun and festive and our butchers will have been up most of the night making sure they fulfil all their orders.

Heathcotes Butchers

Heathcotes Butchers

An added advantage with our butcher is their supply of basic fruit and veg, cheese and other dairy so if you suddenly think you need more cream you can just add some to your bill.

Our delivery from Northern Harvest will come on a different day Christmas week to ensure a fresh supply for the day and we’ve already put the order in for all the vegetables, fruit, milk, cheese, cream, oh and some bagels for breakfast!

We’re having a fish starter but also a pâté for the non-fish eaters.

Our local farmers market (Treacle Market) has also changed its date to be just two days before the big day so that will be a must for some potted shrimps from Morecambe Bay and any additional eggs etc.

I enjoy baking and cooking so some desserts and nibbles are being frozen in preparation including a cream and meringue favourite, chocolate cheesecake, mince pies and sausage rolls ready for the oven and Christmassy Rocky Road and cheese biscuits in the tins.

Mince pie preparation

Mince pie preparation

Some Panettone, chocolates and crisps bought in from Darts Farm in Devon and a small Christmas pudding (some don’t like it and some who do can’t eat it but its tradition!).

We’ve had our final trip of the year down to Devon and came back this weekend loaded up with basics from the Sidmouth shops.

Anything else can be picked up from Prestbury Farm Shop while passing on the way to my parents – free parking and always a warm welcome.

So as long as snowy weather doesn’t stop the farm order being delivered I’m feeling quite smug that we’re going to make it over Christmas – and more importantly to the end of the year – #not from the supermarket!

Well done us!


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