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December 30, 2012

I am always thankful for my lovely family but today is one of those extra special days!

My brother and nephew (home for the holidays from his new job in London) picked up my son and then son in law and husband to do a walk as it was one of the few fine days we’ve had recently.

They went off laughing and joking in the car like a load of schoolboys and it brought a lump to my throat that they all get on so well and make the effort to get together. Especially as we had all been together at my parents for their Christmas party yesterday.

I think it is my parents who have grown us into the family that we are. Now both in their eighties they still make the effort to be sociable and get out and about all the time. They are always there for everybody but also appreciate that everyone has busy lives and are not expectant or intrusive with us at all.

The more I learn about some other families makes me truly appreciate mine and try to do the same for them as my parents. None of them is spoilt or selfish and I love them all dearly.

My daughter and grandson came down to spend time with me while the chaps were walking and as usual little man was keen to get stuck into the bread baking that was underway!

Real Bread baking

Real Bread baking

Today I tried Jane Mason’s Maritimers’ Bread (from All You Knead Is Bread”) for the first time, a quick white loaf and some bread rolls. I’m still getting used to my new ovens and was testing the temperature with an oven thermometer and actually the loaves were a little pale as I turned the temperature down too early!

The Maritimers’ Bread needed the oats, fruit, molasses and butter soaking overnight in water so they were prepped last night. It is a lovely tasty bread and as we tried it for the first time – just with butter – my husband thinks it will be nice with a piece of Cheshire!

Bread session

Bread session

It will be interesting to see how well it keeps. Everyone seems to recommend different ways of keeping “real bread” and at the moment I wrap mine in foil and keep it in an enamel bread tin.

Maritimers' Bread

Maritimers’ Bread

I still haven’t prepared my Sourdough starter so that is on my to do list for tomorrow or I will never get it underway!

I finished off making the turkey soup (more like a stew there is so much turkey in it) and a Nutella Cheesecake which is a great quick dessert.


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