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January 7, 2013

I’ve already written on the blog about the fact we waste much less food and have less packaging now that we think more about what we buy and where it comes from which led to us buying a smaller kitchen bin.



Then a tweet from the lovely Jen @makedoandmend about reducing waste and my response made me think it’s worth another little post.

Our weekly farm shop delivery comes in a returnable basket and polystyrene box, with a cover to keep them clean if you have no garage and have to leave them outside. Produce mostly comes in paper bags or loose.

Shopping on the high street I take my Seasalt hessian bags and say “no thank you” to carrier bags and pop everything into my bags.

We’ve had to invest in some nice screw top and Kilner jars to store all our flour, rice, pulses, dried fruit, nuts, grains and cereals as wherever possible we buy them bulk loose (mostly bagged up at the Unicorn Co-operative).

I also buy flour from my Bread Club, part of Food4Macc Direct, who buy in bulk – huge sacks – from Walk Mill near Chester. It’s grown and ground there so couldn’t be more local unless I grew it myself (which another Twitter friend @fabuloaf is actually thinking of trying!). I take along my plastic box and fill it up every time.

Walk Mill

Walk Mill

We wash and re-use all jars and plastic tubs – like ice cream cartons from our lovely locally made Granellis ice cream. The jars are storing home made chutney, pickled Beetroot, mincemeat etc. The plastic cartons often disappear home with my son containing cake or my grandson after a baking session.

A couple of jars have a new use with a wheat and a rye sourdough starter underway.

So another outcome of all this change in our “not from the supermarket” shopping is a huge reduction in waste and a re-use where possible outlook that has grown with our #notfromthesupermarket life!

  1. January 10, 2013 7:41 pm

    We try and use as little packaging as we can – our fruit & vege delivered free from packaging and we take a large rucksack for big shops – not sexy, but grocery shopping rarely is!

    • January 10, 2013 8:00 pm

      Yes – it really helps to have the package free farm shop delivery I love it!

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