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January 25, 2013

We love chillies and after trying a chilli jam in a cafe with sun-dried tomato scones and cheese I decided to have a go myself. This is a very simple recipe and I hadn’t made it for a while until a fellow blogger asked if she could include the recipe on her website so I am stocked up again!


100g sliced chillies with pith and seeds removed
750g sliced red peppers with pith and seeds removed
50 g grated fresh root ginger
350ml cider vinegar
1 kg sugar with added pectin
50 ml lime juice
1 level tsp salt

Red peppers

Red peppers


1. Finely chop the peppers, chillies and ginger or blitz in a processor with is much quicker!

2. Place in large pan with the vinegar and slowly bring to simmering point.

Bring to simmering point

Bring to simmering point

3. Add sugar, lime juice and salt stirring until all the sugar has dissolved and the mixture begins to bubble.

4. Boil for 3-4 minutes and then remove from the heat.

5. Cool for 5 minutes then pour into clean, sterilised jars and seal with vinegar proof lids.

Chilli Pepper Jam

Chilli Pepper Jam

Use within 12 months


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