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March 13, 2013

There is so much in the media and social media at the moment about consumer lack of confidence in the food chain I thought I would add my (fairly short) comments too.

Having given up supermarket shopping nine months ago I believe it’s helping us live a simpler life.

Farm Shop delivery

Farm Shop delivery

As I’ve said before I do appreciate it’s not for everyone – depending on where you live, transport, personal requirements and of course personal choice.

However, I do think it is cheaper, healthier, better for your local economy and a much pleasanter way of life. It also provides you with the knowledge of where – exactly – your food is coming from.

We speak (ok sometimes via Twitter or email) with and visit the people who grow our vegetables and salads, the people who make our cheese, produce the meat, game and poultry, raise the cattle for our milk and yogurts, and buy cereals, pulses etc that are ethically bought, we get our household goods from independent traders and the chemists.

I admit that on occasion when I’m dealing with a recurring illness my husband may have been tempted to drive to a supermarket and grab something off the shelf but he hasn’t.

He’s been able to rustle up a pasta meal, take pre-made bread out of the freezer and, being the wonderful man that he is, content to have a tasty sandwich or poached eggs on toast. There’s usually home made cake or biscuits in the tins – he certainly wouldn’t go hungry!

In other words a simpler life.

We don’t need an aisle of different cereals – we have porridge or home made granola.

We don’t need an aisle of different dairy products – we have milk, real butter and yogurt from a family firm. They can also supply us with Creme Fraiche, cream and buttermilk.

We don’t need an aisle of different meat products – we go to one of the excellent local butchers and farm shops and see what’s in on that day. Then we cook it and eat it with the local, seasonal vegetables that come with our weekly delivery.

Pheasant ready for the oven

Pheasant ready for the oven

Yes I keep their mince in the freezer for shepherds pie, a chilli or lasagna and their sausages in case my son or grandson is coming as we don’t eat meat every day but do we really need the supermarkets vast choice of five or six different standards of mince – no – buy the one from the butchers and if it’s a little dearer than the “value” one you can afford buy a little less and bulk it up with lentils and grated carrots…..

In other words a simpler life.

I don’t expect everyone to make their own bread – I’ve only just learnt and I have the luxury of time and really love it – but think about what you’re buying.

Don’t wait for the next food scandal to alter your shopping choices – do it now.

We don’t need to eat everything all year round, get back to eating local, seasonal food. If everyone shifted just 5% of their shopping away from the supermarkets it would change things – for the better.

Let’s get back to a simpler way of life as far as food is concerned.

Chicken and Chickpea Soup

Chicken and Chickpea Soup

  1. Yvonne permalink
    March 13, 2013 4:21 pm

    Hurray! How about naming all these places you shop so people can give it a go!

    • March 13, 2013 4:46 pm

      Yes I should but I’m a bit wary of doing the wrong thing yet. I have a couple of drafts – one on butchers and one on farm shops so will work on them!

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