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March 19, 2014

Returning from holiday is always a blip in my shopping away from the supermarket. We arrived back late on Wednesday night last week (with a bottle of milk from the little Spar at Terminal 3!).

Thursday morning saw us fighting the jet lag for Mr W to take my brother and sister in law off to the airport and me on the school run so I could get a cuddle with my little grandson as soon as possible!

Then, at the request of my daughter who has particular shopping needs with a new baby and small boy to look after, I was tempted into the supermarket!

I hold my hands up and admit I did buy soft drinks, toilet rolls and kitchen rolls – that I can get at a little independent in town but have difficulty carrying back to the car park and mini chocolate eggs, Heinz Baked Beans and various golden sugars that I struggle to buy in Macclesfield. I also took advantage of the fact they (who shall be nameless) now give fresh yeast away free!

Some ingenuity with the freezer and store cupboard kept us well fed until the farm shop delivery this week.

One recipe I tried for the first time this week was James Martin’s Toad in the Hole shown on his last series “Home Comforts”. Halving the quantity of batter still provided an ample meal for two of us. The addition of mustard to the batter gave a real savoury hit to the meal and it’s one I will definitely make again.

If you’d like to try it the recipe is on the BBC website here James Martin Toad in the Hole.

So – although we’re missing the heat of the sun – it’s always good to be home with renewed energy to get back to the blog and trying new recipes whenever possible!

Holiday sky!

Holiday sky!


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