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August 9, 2014

Yesterday I was drawn to a supermarket out of pure time constraints I needed a few items that I would have to have travelled for to get from independents.

Time and time again I say I totally understand that families, elderly and those rushing with a busy lifestyle use the one stop shop method.

However the level of service and quality of produce is so tainted in these big stores – no one wants to take responsibility if something isn’t right and I used to get so frustrated when fruit and veg went rancid in days. That doesn’t happen when I shop at farm shops or have my veg box delivered.

Yesterday I chose to go to our local Sainsbury. I wanted Tallegio cheese and asked at the deli counter. A young man looked at me with a questioning expression and said he’d have to ask his older, female, colleague. I don’t know if she wanted me to overhear or not but her reply was “I don’t know what she’s talking about tell her no”!

I walked to the cheese aisle and after some searching found it. Neatly packed in paper but hidden at the bottom in a basket it was obviously a reasonable seller – only half a dozen packs left in the basket.

I returned to the deli counter to show them “Just in case you get asked again” I said.

I should have gone into town to my cheese stall.

Anyhow it was a pretty nice cheese – used on our huge tray pizza last night with caramelised onion, chorizo, sliced cooked potatoes – no tomato in sight!

I kept a portion of my usual bread dough from the morning bake in the fridge until needed. Rolled it out on a mix of flour and semolina. Topped with slowly cooked sliced onion and chorizo, sliced cooked new potatoes, sliced Tallegio and sprinkled with some thyme, baked at 220 degrees fan for 12-15 minutes on a pre heated tray – yummy.

Rustic pizza

Rustic pizza

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