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November 27, 2014

We all know that matching wine and food can enhance your dining experience, but what about tea and food pairings? The wide variety of flavours and aromas found in different blends of tea can enrich your dishes with new dimensions and depth.

Just like wine, tea can help refresh the palate and can be used as a flavour enhancer to complement a dish, delicately matching flavours and aromas creating a ‘taste journey’ for the diner. That’s why Tetley has teamed up with culinary consultant chef, Lee Maycock, to devise some tantalising food matches for each tea blends.

Black Tea

The full flavour of black tea makes it ideal for pairing with very rich and flavourful foods. Tetley Original goes well with lamb and beef dishes. It’s also great with sumptuous chocolate dishes. Tetley Extra Strong has been specially blended to be a fuller flavour black tea, and goes brilliantly with rich pasta sauces, roast dinners, stews and curries.

Green Tea Pure

The light and flowery flavours and aromas of green tea are well matched to delicate flavoured foods, such as seafood, chicken, fruit or salad. Tetley Green Tea Pure has a fresh, natural taste that suits light dishes such as roasted butternut squash salad. For a real treat, serve alongside a sharp, citrusy dessert like lemongrass ice cream.

Green Tea Lemon

This tea has a zesty and refreshing taste and is an ideal accompaniment to light lunch servings. The lemon flavour provides a stimulating kick to the more mellow taste of green tea. Tetley Green Tea Lemon has a fresh, citrusy taste that is great with tangy and full flavoured foods like a smoked chicken and mango salsa flatbread or a Mediterranean tuna wrap.


Redbush is naturally caffeine-free and has a distinctive aroma. It can be served with or without milk, or with a drop of honey for those with a sweet tooth. Its nutty and comforting qualities mean Tetley Redbush is a great accompaniment for nutty dishes such as almond and pistachio cake or baklava, perfect for afternoon tea!


Decaf teas are perfect for the health-conscious, discerning tea drinker looking to cut out caffeine without compromising on flavour. Tetley Decaf is a full-flavoured brew with all the natural benefits and great taste of our original tea, but without the caffeine (less than 0.2%). It is the perfect accompaniment to desserts and evening nibbles such as sweet petit four and cheese boards.

Extra Strong

Extra Strong is ideal for times when your day needs a lift. A blend of deep, full bodied Assam and brisk African tea, this tea has a strong bright colour that’s lively on the taste buds. Extra Strong is perfectly paired with deep meaty dishes such as lamb tagine, rich pasta sauce or roast dinner.

Tea has evolved for thousands of years to be a drink perfectly paired with so many meals. Tetley understands matching tea with food is a flavour adventure, allowing consumers to expand their culinary journeys.

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