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NIGEL SLATER’S MINCEMEAT TRIFLE – and leftovers can be yummy!

December 28, 2014

Once again I haven’t blogged for a while.

The run up to Christmas was fraught with hospital visits and looking after family but we were blessed to be able to attend the dress rehearsal for our grandsons nativity (he was a rather reluctant star!) and have a lovely build up on the big night watching him sprinkle Magic Reindeer Food on their lawn, put out treats for Santa and Rudolph and open his Christmas Eve presents including festive pyjamas and DVD.

I was catering Christmas dinner but because I wasn’t sure what would actually happen on the day, whether Mum would be fit enough to come or if we would take their dinner to them, I was very organised. I would normally collect all our meats from the butcher on Christmas Eve. Joining the long queue in a nearby village and chatting to everyone has become one of the traditions we look forward too but I decided I’d get it all in advance and freeze it – just in case.

Certainly, amidst the piles of vegetables and sauces nobody noticed any difference in the resulting taste so that was a relief.

I tried not to over buy. The farm shop delivery was planned well and other than a red cabbage I decided not to cook there was nothing I would have left off the list.

However, I still over catered on the vegetables (and meats) not thinking how little Mum, my grandson, and even me not relaxing into it like I would if it was someone else’s responsibility, would eat. And of course when you’re catering for larger numbers you do just add a couple more potatoes, a few more of this and a little more of that.

Apart from my Frosty Madeira Cake (recipe will follow eventually!)….



The new dish I will definitely repeat was Nigel Slater’s Mincemeat Trifle.

Nigel Slater's Mincemeat Trifle

Nigel Slater’s Mincemeat Trifle

It’s very strange but I will often pick up one of his books or watch one of his programmes and I will have the correct ingredients in the kitchen.

We were watching one of his Christmas specials when he made this trifle. It just so happened that a few weeks earlier I’d used up my homemade mincemeat from last year by making two mincemeat cakes and frozen one. I’d also bought a jar of home made orange curd from a local farm shop that day so it was meant to be. No jelly in this trifle but that seemed to please everyone who ate it. It is an indulgent creamy dessert with the fruitiness of the cake (I used Grand Marnier to soak it though not too much), the tartness of the home made curd and I added crunch with mini Chocolate Orange pieces. You could also have added clementine pieces if you wanted some freshness. No picture of mine I’m afraid as cream and topping added at the last minute!

Mini Chocolate Orange segments

Mini Chocolate Orange segments

I love to watch Nigel so if you need 6 minutes of relaxation here is a video of the recipe!

Nigel Slater’s Mincemeat Trifle

We’ve used our leftovers for the normal sandwiches, bubble and squeak, little patties with cheese in the middle, Nigella’s Three Cheese Strata to use up bread and cheese, and tonight will be a Turkey, Ham and Leek pie.

I hope you are making the most of your leftovers and would love to hear what you’ve made.


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