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July 14, 2015

So it’s the early hours of the morning here in the UK and having being in theatre today and feeling shattered – why can’t I sleep? Too much going round my head I’m afraid.

Sometimes it seems being a foodie can bring you problems. Particularly when, like me, you love to bake – and eat it too.

Those of you who have read previous posts may recall I have a problem with my bowel. It’s not something everyone is comfortable to hear about or talk about so I apologise now if you come into this category.

I have Diverticular Disease and since 2014 found me hospitalised and needing treatment far too often the threat of surgery found me researching alternatives and since January of this year I have managed to keep it healthier since following an elimination diet and vastly increasing my water consumption.



However, having just come out of hospital again I now learn I have IBD – Inflammatory Bowel Disease and I am again doing my research. This also helps to explain my low immune system and subsequent failure to fight off virus.

The information from most UK hospitals still recommends high fibre – but I’ve learnt that really doesn’t suit everyone – that was why I started my elimination diet in the first place.

Anti Inflammatory Food Pyramid

Anti Inflammatory Food Pyramid

It now looks like I’ll have to treat myself to another pretty notebook and begin again introducing more of the foods recommended to act as a natural anti-inflammatory. I’ve found much more information so far on US sites but it’s early days – I don’t even feel like shopping yet so I think I will be making soup and rice pudding for the next couple of days but I’m planning a trip to the Unicorn Co-operative Grocery In Chorlton on Saturday to inspire my creative juices again. It’s a wonderful place full of fantastic produce.

If you have any information on IBD I would love to hear from you.

I’ve found these articles on natural treatments which look interesting.

Natural Treatment Options for IBD

56 Anti Inflammatory Foods


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