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October 23, 2015

I know my #expressyourshelf challenge is over but as I’ve said before it’s pretty much a way of life for us now.

We really enjoyed pies for our lunch today from Lord of the Pies. They’ve just opened up a Cafe/Bar/Deli in Macclesfield. We’ve had their pies before as they do the local artisan/farmers markets and having only opened yesterday they were nice and busy so hopefully an empty town centre shop no longer empty – we wish them every luck in the future the pies are delicious!

So tonight I needed to use up a huge leek from the farm shop, some pancetta cubes and half a carton of cream – with onions and potatoes in the fridge too then soup is always a good choice. It’s a great way to use up any vegetables of course. The other thing I save is the rinds off our Parmesan – chopped up and added to soup they will melt in and add flavour.


1 tbsp rapeseed oil
100g chopped bacon or pancetta
1 onion, chopped
1 huge leek (or 2 large leeks) sliced and well washed
3 medium potatoes, peeled and diced
1 litre hot vegetable stock
125g single cream


1. Gently fry the bacon and onion for five minutes.

Gently fry the bacon and onion

Gently fry the bacon and onion

2. Add the leek and potatoes and cook for another five minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking.

Add the leeks and potatoes

Add the leeks and potatoes

3. Add the hot stock – I generally use Marigold Bouillon powder, and simmer gently for 30 minutes until softened.

4. Blend with a stick blender before stirring in the cream, returning to a gentle heat for a couple of minutes and serving.

How easy is that. A huge pot of soup for next to nothing!

Purée the soup

Purée the soup


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