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March 3, 2016



I haven’t blogged since December. I almost thought I’d left it too long. Then this week has been such a good week and lots of interesting things with food and travel plans, walking and sewing I decided I must get back to it.

On Monday I started a new project at my craft group at Macclesfield Silk Museum. I love to sew but as my work has all been on the machine I can’t take that so decided to try knitting again which is something I never really got into when I was younger as my Mum was such an excellent knitter!

My lovely ladies are very patient showing me hints and tips as we chat away. I’ve done a baby blanket with pompom wool which is lovely – no baby to give it to at the moment but one on the way for my daughter’s best friend very soon.

The new knitting is a modern pattern for a little girl’s jacket in pink, sparkly wool – I hope I can finish it before she grows too big for it!

On Tuesday I did Mum and Dad’s shopping – if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know this means I’m having to do supermarket shopping – I’ve tried them all and still hate the whole process but generally find Tesco are the most helpful staff, shortest queues so in and out of there as fast as I can. In Sidmouth I used to like the Co-operative – I like their ethos but the one near my parents is now another store. We have a handy little one near us but it’s only tiny.

On Thursday I attended a meeting organised by a friend of mine to discuss (with other like minded people) her ideas for a cafe project inspired by The Real Junk Food Project – but more on that another time.

We’ve had my lovely daughter in law’s 30th this week and a party last night which I did a cheeseboard for. I love doing a good cheeseboard with a variety of cheeses – definitely some local, one blue, one smoked, one goat’s cheese, a strong Cheddar, a crumbly Cheshire, one with chilli for my husband and a tasty Red Leicester which is my son’s favourite. I would normally have six or seven but as this was a big gathering I chose nine.

Celery and grapes with a final decoration of some sugar mice – an idea I picked up some years ago which people enjoy.

So that was my week and I’m happy to be back here sharing it with you!


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