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March 6, 2016

Over the last few years we’ve enjoyed many food festivals and shows and began to notice the stands selling home wine tasting events but were a bit unsure what it would be like.

Then at the Foodies Festival at Tatton we had VIP tickets that included a glass of Prosecco from the Pieroth Wine stand and had a good chat with the gentlemen there. We were interested so decided to buy a gift token for my brother (you know how hard it is to buy for the man who has everything!).

You can buy for weekday of weekend, for yourself or a larger group depending on your needs. In our case there should have been four of us but my sister in law was unable to come so it was just three.

Les Barber from Pieroth Wines

Les Barber from Pieroth Wines

Our guide through the wines was Les Barber. He gave us an interesting introduction to the company, it’s vineyards and then our selection for the evening – 11 wines ranging from a light, sweet white German wine to a rich, full bodied, oaky red.

Even in our little group of three the range of favourites was huge – I am a lightweight Prosecco drinker who only enjoyed the first two, hubs preferred the middle range lighter reds that it is now popular to chill, and my brother’s choice was the richer, oaky reds at the end of the tasting.

My favourite from the wine tasting

My favourite from the wine tasting

I had supplied savoury nibbles and water and with the chat and tasting it took just over an hour and a half. Ideal early evening entertainment before we had our meal.

Having been a little unsure we all really enjoyed learning a little more about wine and although we did order a mixed case between us there was no hard sell and it wasn’t expected. The wines are dearer than our usual supermarket special offers but are all single estate, first pressing with none of the additives found in cheaper bottles.

We would definitely do it again and include other members of the family or friends too.

This post was not sponsored or requested by Pieroth Wines and was written because we enjoyed our evening!

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