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We don’t use supermarkets!

July 2015 – Well I need to add a little piece in here for the moment. We are currently juggling care of my elderly parents and there’s no alternative for their needs other than some ready meals and bits from a supermarket. The most important thing is to keep everyone loved and happy.

When ever possible we like to eat local, seasonal, unprocessed food.  We enjoy cooking and baking and sharing meals with family and friends. We love to try new recipes and meeting growers and producers to learn more about our food.

I’d like to encourage others that using seasonal, sustainable and where possible, local, ingredients really can make a difference to the end result.

You can also help to keep your local town or village alive and growing for the future.

Being semi-retired we also try to shop more carefully and I do enjoy the pleasure of well stocked cupboards and stores and being able to make meals from what we have rather than having to shop all the time.

We hate supermarket shopping and have done for many years and now we are not using them at all. We started this in July 2012 but had a slight bump when I had to have an emergency operation and was laid up for a few weeks – obviously we were just grateful for the family helping out with shopping wherever they bought it!

However, since then it has become much easier to do as we learn more about local suppliers and those special people who really care about what they are selling and want you to come back for the right reasons.

I’ve also joined a bread club and now make our own bread all the time. We did try out a bread maker some time ago but didn’t like the results. The way I’ve learnt it’s a slower, more peaceful method and works every time!

People often over buy from supermarkets and as well as wasting their own money they waste tons of unwanted food every day. The world has got to change – so if we all do our bit then “every little helps” really can mean something good.

Eating out should always be enjoyed and we particularly enjoy traditional afternoon teas as one of our treats.

When we are on our travels abroad the highlight of our trip is generally dining somewhere very special so food is definitely to be explored.

My background was as a journalist and I still enjoy writing and the research elements of journalism. It also enables me to use my knowledge of alternative routes to gain information. Reading all the great food blogs inspired me to start a record of the trials and tribulations of sourcing good food locally.

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